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Buying and owning a New Build Residential property can bring with it a unique series of issues. For most the decision to buy a New Build was supposed to deliver a quality home, free of any significant issues and without any requirement to undertake building works.

However, for a considerable number of our Clients the reality did not meet their expectations. But who do you turn to when things aren't as they should be? Do you have the time and expertise to identify the issues, let alone resolve them? If not, then read on.... we can help!

From Building Surveys, Defect Analysis, Snaggings, preparation of Claims, dealing with Warranty providers, through to Project Management or even Expert Witness services in the event of disputes, we provide a full range of services relates to New Build Residential properties.

Get in touch today... we are always happy to discuss your issues over the phone and provide free impartial advice where we can.



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An integral part of acquiring a New Build property is the progression of a Snagging Inspection at or soon after taking entry. If you are a typical new owner, chances are you don't know quite where to start or what you are looking for apart from some obvious chips and scrapes. 

Of course, money is typically tight after such a huge investment and many do indeed snag their own homes. However, if you are seeking peace of mind and if you want to delve a bit deeper than some cosmetic marks then a professionally prepared Snagging List is an essential.


You may be surprised what a professional eye would notice in New Builds and we have experience of properties being bought back due to the extent of major issues evident, structural non-compliance, properties requiring to be completely stripped out to a shell and major repairs having to be progressed. 

Get in touch for a Fee Quotation, all we need to know is the location, size of property (if known) and number of bedrooms.

snagging inspection


snagging - 1-2 bedroom house


snagging - 3 bedroom house


snagging - 4 bedroom house


snagging - 5 bedroom house


snagging - 6 bedroom house


Warranty Claims

There are a plethora of Warranty providers out there, each with their own Standards and Policy, whilst other housebuilders and developers will rely upon an Architect's Certificate. 

If you think you have a claim, we can inspect, prepare a report on the issues in question including reference to applicable Standards and make a Warranty Claim on your behalf. 

Alternatively, you may have already made a claim and had this rejected by the Warranty provider and are seeking advice or to challenge their decision within their Resolution Report. 

If your issue is Warranty related then we can assist and are always happy to informally discuss your particular issues and circumstances over the phone.

warranty claims

Buying a property is a huge decision and one which brings with it a huge financial burden, whilst many people are typically risk adverse and don't understand construction sufficiently to know whether a property is well constructed or has a myriad of inherent issues.

I can prepare a comprehensive Building Survey providing a detailed review of the condition of the property prior to acquisition, focusing on the quality of construction, workmanship and detailing. 

This type of survey goes beyond a simple Snagging Inspection and is especially suitable for refurbished and converted properties.



Building Surveys

Many clients have suffered from persistent building issues such as water ingress that possibly numerous previous repair attempts have failed to resolve or even that other surveyors have been unable to get to the bottom of. 


I have considerable experience in the investigation of building defects, building pathology and various construction types including building detailing which are essential to providing a correct diagnosis. 


I am able to advise on complex cases and where use of modern surveying techniques are required including electronic leak detection, thermographic cameras, borescopes, radar and others.

defect analysis

Defect Analysis

When contemplating pursuing a Litigation action or having been faced with defending Litigation proceedings on a technical building related or construction matter, it is essential to instruct an Expert Report from a suitably qualified specialist. 


An Expert Report is an independent report prepared for the benefit of the Court where the issues under consideration are reviewed, scrutinised and reported upon in order to provide a reasoned opinion. 


I routinely provide Expert Opinions for Advocates, Litigation Solicitors and parties direct whilst priding myself on providing comprehensive reports with attention to detail.


The courts in considering disputes are required to weigh up expert evidence including reliance on the Expert's credentials, whilst key skills and experience in cross examination is a necessity to benefit a case, areas which I excel in.


Expert Witness
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