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As a Chartered Building Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer ​I provide a full range of tailored Building Surveys, whether you are acquiring, disposing, developing, leasing or funding a single asset or property portfolio whilst I have a breadth of experience of undertaking surveys across the Residential, Office, Industrial, Hotel, Retail, Leisure, Healthcare and Agricultural sectors.


I have acted on behalf of a range of clients in preparing Building Surveys on almost every type of building imaginable from historic castles through to modern new offices, hotels to retail units and even some more abstract building types such as sewerage works! 


One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the variety of instructions with nothing being too small or too large, I cover and have experience of everything from analysis of a single building defect affecting a £30,000 flat through to full Technical Due Diligence of high rise offices valued at £30 million. 


Building Surveys outline the condition of the property, defects, shortcomings and remedial works recommended in order to provide you with a commercial advantage, save you money and mitigate your risks. 


Why take unnecessary risk on a property transaction... Get your Building Survey now. 

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When considering the purchase of a commercial property, when entering into a new lease agreement or alternatively for occupiers at any stage in a building’s life, I can undertake a comprehensive inspection in order to identify the condition of the building, defects present whilst providing strategic advice on repairs and liabilities. 


I have expertise of preparing Commercial Building Surveys across the Office, Industrial, Retail, Leisure, Healthcare and Agricultural sectors.

commercial building survey

Commercial Building Survey

Whether a modern new build property, castle, mansion house, tenemental flat or a derelict steading, I can prepare a comprehensive Building Survey providing a detailed review of the condition of the property prior to acquisition. 


Whether the property being acquired does not have a Home Report, the property is old or dilapidated or simply where a prudent client wishes to mitigate and manage risks associated with such large financial commitment, a Residential Building Survey is essential.

residential building survey

Residential Building Survey

A Technical Due Diligence Report is an extensive building survey that extends beyond ascertaining the condition of the building and repairs required. 


The content of this report is bespoke to the property in question however, I can undertake for example review of existing Lease Agreements with a view to ascertaining dilapidation liability issues, review Health and Safety Files, Collateral Warranties, Building Warrants, Planning Consents, Environmental Assessments and Asbestos Registers.

technical due diligence

Technical Due Diligence

Many clients have suffered from persistent building issues such as water ingress that possibly numerous previous repair attempts have failed to resolve or even that other surveyors have been unable to get to the bottom of. 


I have considerable experience in the investigation of building defects, building pathology and various construction types including building detailing which are essential to providing a correct diagnosis. 


I am able to advise on complex cases and where use of modern surveying techniques are required including electronic leak detection, thermographic cameras, borescopes, radar and others.

defect analysis

Defect Analysis

Tenemental properties represent an ongoing issue for Owners and Factors in terms of their maintenance and repair. Often Owners/Factors approach Contractors to cost for any repairs required to the roof, stonework etc, however are faced with conflicting opinions regarding the condition, repairs required and associated costs. 


I am regularly appointed by Co-Proprietors and Factors to survey the External Fabric and provide independent opinion on the condition and repairs recommended. 


If required I can also prepare tender documents and monitor works to completion to provide a professional solution. 

common repairs report

Common Repairs Report

A snagging inspection comprises an inspection of the property and preparation of a Snagging List outlining defects and workmanship considered to be below a contractual standard, a good workmanlike manner or below relevant contractual standards. 


Typically a Snagging List is prepared for clients who have acquired a “new build” property or undergone significant refurbishment works in order that our clients can request rectification of the issues highlighted by the Developer/Contractor. 

snagging inspection

Snagging Inspection

Usually when acquiring a residential property a Home Report will already have been prepared. Such reports often recommend “further investigation”.


Alternatively, in the largest transaction you are ever likely to make, you may for your own piece of mind prefer a more comprehensive survey and detailed report on some of the issues/defects outlined therein.  

Many people don't want to incur the costs of a full Building Survey and this survey option allows the main areas of your concern to be addressed in the most cost effective way.

home report issues

Home Report Issues

Many new build properties benefit from Warranties. However, when owners discover defects the process of making a claim can be daunting or in some cases a claim may have been made that has been rejected and possibly unfairly so. 


I can provide independent reports on defects and workmanship issues in order to be supplemented to a claim or to be utilised in challenging a rejected claim. 

warranty claims 

Warranty Claim Reports

A Vendor Survey is a Commercial Building Survey which is commissioned by the Vendor for the benefit of the eventual purchaser. 


Vendor Building Surveys have increased significantly in popularity, especially for larger investment properties and portfolios given that they facilitate a streamlined acquisition, reducing acquisition timescales and mitigating inconvenience to occupiers and tenants by preventing multiple surveys.

vendor building surveys

Vendor Building Surveys

Most airports in the UK have vortex damage policies in place and I have unique experience of acting on behalf of Scotland's airports in ascertaining vortex damage and providing independent advice on claims. 


Vortex damage is an extremely technical and complex area of surveying with only a few surveying individuals able to provide advice in this area. 


If you are responsible for the implementation of vortex damage policies or are dealing with a property vortex damage claim then please get in touch.

vortex damage 

Vortex Damage Reports

case studies

Case Studies
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