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Expert Determination

Expert Determination is a dispute resolution process whereby an independent Expert in the subject matter of the dispute, is appointed by the parties to resolve the matter. The Expert’s decision is, by prior agreement of the parties, legally binding on the parties and presents typically a low cost dispute resolution option.

Expert Determination is particularly suited to disputes primarily dependant on technical issues such as building and insurance disputes including for instance alleged poor workmanship of the reinstatement contractor,  inadequate scope of works undertaken or disputes over lack of an adequate sum insured. I have experience of acting as Independant Expert on a number of Insurance related disputes.

I have long standing experience providing Insurance Building Consultancy including provision of Reinstatement Cost Assessments, acting on behalf of Insurers, Loss Adjusters and Property Owners specifying and managing Insurance Damage Reinstatements whilst also having undertaken a number of Expert Witness appointments. My insurance expertise extends across the office, industrial, residential, retail, leisure and agricultural sectors whilst I have also gained specialist knowledge of some of the most prestigious and historic Grade A Listed buildings across Scotland. 


I have a proven track record working with property owners, factors, loss adjusters, insurers and solicitors to ensure that a property is valued to reflect their true reinstatement cost and also ensuring insurance reinstatement is completed on-time, on budget and to a good standard, whilst ensuring that the affected property is returned to a condition commensurate with the insurance policy provisions.  


If you have not had a professional valuation for insurance purposes stating the cost of reinstatement within the last year or if you have been unfortunate to suffer an insured loss, call me to get results and advice. 

insurance consultancy

Insurance Consultancy

insurance valuations

If you haven't had a professional valuation within the last 3 years get in touch to ensure you are insured for the correct reinstatement figure.

insurance reinstatement

Have you suffered from an Insured Loss? Why not appoint a truly independent Surveyor to specify and monitor the reinstatement works and all at no cost to the policy holder. 

insurance disputes

Are you in dispute with your Loss Adjuster, Insurer, Claims Handler or Contractor? Are you being told you are under insured? I can help.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs) are an assessment of the cost of reconstructing the property at the date of assessment and takes into consideration demolition, debris removal,  temporary shoring and professional fees. 


Such an assessment is typically utilised in order for an Owner, Occupier, Broker or Factor to arrange suitable insurance arrangements and ensure that the sum insured is suitable. Alternatively, a RCA can be prepared to be utilised in the negotiation of an insurance claim. 


I have undertaken valuations of considerable commercial portfolios, historic castles, modern residential developments and everything in between. In addition, I have acted as Expert Witness in insurance valuation disputes.

insurance valuations

Insurance Valuations

I have been involved in successfully administering and concluding numerous complex Insurance Reinstatements involving all types of Insured Peril such as escape of water, flood, fire, explosion, subsidence, aircraft vortex, sewage or storm. 


I am able to survey the affected property, prepare reports on the extent of damage, specify works required to reinstate, prepare tender documentation, tender works and monitor the works to ensure these are completed to a professional standard.  

insurance reinstatement

Insurance Reinstatement

If you are in dispute with your Loss Adjuster, Surveyor or Insurer in relation to an insurance related matter whether this is alleged under insurance, a dispute over the pre-loss condition of the property, the extent of reinstatement works required or the quality of workmanship completed in insurance reinstatement works then I can help.


As an Expert Witness I regularly appear in Court on insurance litigation cases whilst I also can act in Alternative Dispute Resolutions including independent joint appointments as Expert Determinator on any dispute matters.


In addition, I also regularly act on behalf of Legal Expenses providers over a range of disputes including Professional Negligence claims, building and contract disputes and neighbourly matters such as escape of water.  

insurance disputes

Insurance Disputes

case studies

Case Studies
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