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The preservation of historic buildings is of paramount importance and ensuring the conservation of such buildings for future generations to enjoy is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work. Heritage and Conservation Consultancy requires a specialist skill set borne out of years of experience and dedication. 

If you own or are responsible for the practical care and maintenance of a historic building and require professional assistance in determining the condition, extent of repair and maintenance required or in progressing a project then please get in touch.



project management

Do you need to progress Conservation works to a historic building and need a surveyor to survey, specify and manage the repairs?

condition surveys

Do you want to know what repairs and maintenance are required to a historic building utilising a minimal intervention conservation philosophy?

quinquennial inspections

Are you tasked with organising church quinquennial inspections and need a surveyor to survey and report on specialist church buildings?

defect analysis

Are you suffering from a building related issue such as water ingress or a leak and can't find the issue?

maintenance management

Do you need a Maintenance Strategy and Plan, something that tells you what repairs are required and when over a 10 year period? 

My conservation philosophy embraces the need for sympathetic conservative repair to prolong the life of the building whilst preserving our cultural heritage.

Utilising this conservation philosophy whilst practising on the basis of minimum intervention has been my underlying foundations of progressing any Project Management of historic buildings. 


I can deal with an entire project on your behalf, from specification, selection of contractors and tendering all the way through to monitoring and managing the works to completion. My service extends to quality monitoring whilst ensuring that programme deadlines are met coupled with keeping a tight control of expenditure to bring in projects on time and on budget.

project management

Project Management

Perhaps the most important decision for a property owner or someone tasked with the care of a historic building is to commission a Condition Survey.

A Condition Survey is a comprehensive inspection which utilises the in-depth knowledge of the surveyor in construction, historic materials, inappropriate or incompatible repairs and building pathology to outline the condition of the building .

My conservation philosophy of minimal maintenance and sympathetic repair are underpinned throughout my reports in the recommendations given for repair and maintenance options. 

condition surveys

Condition Surveys

Ecclesiastical Quinquennial Inspections are undertaken every 5 years in order to record the condition of the structure and forms one of the key document in the care, repair and maintenance of an ecclesiastical building. 


The Quinquennial Inspection, whether a Full or Interim inspection, gives a snapshot  of the condition of the building, defects and remedial action required, whilst prioritising and providing budget costs for such works. 


I am fortunate enough to have undertaken a considerable number of these inspections across entire portfolios and extending across various geographical locations.

quinquennial inspections

Quinquennial Inspections

Many clients have suffered from persistent building issues such as water ingress that possibly numerous previous repair attempts have failed to resolve or even that other surveyors have been unable to get to the bottom of. 


I have considerable experience in the investigation of building defects, building pathology and various construction types including building detailing which are essential to providing a correct diagnosis. 


I am able to advise on complex cases and where use of modern surveying techniques are required including electronic leak detection, thermographic cameras, borescopes, radar and others.

defect analysis

Defect Analysis

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises such as a roof leak which can have significant consequences including unanticipated expenditure. The best way to solve the problem is to avoid it and a Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan allows owners to formulate a building maintenance strategy. 


A Planned Preventative Maintenance Plan incorporates a detailed survey which outlines existing defects and in addition those likely to arise within the maintenance period being considered whilst prioritising repairs and providing budget costings. 


Put simply, a Planned Preventative Maintenance Report allows you to anticipate future costs of building work to your property so that you can budget for them, and ensure that repair works are programmed to minimise any disturbance. 

I can then, if required, prepare detailed Specifications and Schedules of Work for any repair/maintenance works, obtain tender returns and project manage including monitoring of works to completion. 

maintenance management

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs) are an assessment of the cost of reconstructing the property at the date of assessment and takes into consideration demolition, debris removal,  temporary shoring and professional fees. 


Such an assessment is typically utilised in order to arrange suitable insurance arrangements and ensure that the sum insured is suitable. Alternatively, a RCA can be prepared to be utilised in the negotiation of an insurance claim. 


I have undertaken valuations of historic castles, mansion houses, townhouses, and every sort of listed building imaginable.

insurance valuations

Maintenance Management
Insurance Valuations

case studies

Case Studies
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