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Dilapidations is the term given to breaches of lease covenants, usually relating to the condition of the property, either during the term of a tenancy or at lease expiry. 


I have unrivalled experience acting on behalf of Landlord, Tenant, Sub-Tenant. Assignee and Assignor providing professional advice on dilapidation liabilities and associated costs whilst providing strategic advice to increase your commercial advantage and obtain successful resolution. My experience and standing as a dilapidation specialist are reinforced from numerous Expert Witness appointments and provision of Expert Opinions for litigation purposes relating to dilapidation disputes. 


If you have received a Schedule of Dilapidations or alternatively wish to initiate a claim for dilapidations against a tenant or sub-tenant, then why not let me deal with this on your behalf? Over my career I have saved millions of pounds for Tenants and have a track record of obtaining average savings in excess of 50% from the original claims.

dilapidations consultancy

Dilapidations Consultancy


Are your Tenants maintaining your valued property or is the lease break or expiry approaching? 


Have you received a claim for repairs or a Schedule of Dilapidations? 

why me?

A leading Dilapidation Expert and Expert Witness.

dilapidation liability

Do you want to properly prepare for lease expiry and budget your accounts accordingly?

expert witness

Are you about to litigate or defend a dilapidation litigation case?

As a Landlord it is important to preserve the condition and value of your assets and prevent the building from failing into disrepair. Alternatively, in the event that the property has already fallen into disrepair a Landlord requires either the property to be reinstated to its benchmark condition or to be compensated for any loss suffered as a result of any breaches of covenant. 


I am able to prepare Schedules of Dilapidations to be served on a Tenant detailing breaches of lease covenant, remedial works required and associated costs. 


I am also able to offer advice on Landlord’s Remedies available in even the most difficult and complex of cases whilst am able to provide strategic tactical advice throughout any negotiation. 


If required I can monitor dilapidation works to ensure the breaches are appropriately remedied or alternatively to negotiate and agree cash settlements. 



As a Tenant, you may have received a Schedule of Dilapidations prepared by the Landlord’s appointed professional advisor alleging various lease covenant breaches, remedial works required and possibly associated costs. Alternatively, you may be approaching a lease break option or lease expiry and are seeking advice on dilapidations and the options open to you. 


Responding, defending and concluding dilapidation claims are a very complex and specialist area, requiring in depth knowledge of leases, case law, legislation and dilapidation expertise. 


I have substantial experience of defending Landlord’s dilapidation claims and have an enviable track record of reducing Landlord’s claims resulting in considerable cost savings. 


If you need assistance in defending a claim or in preparation of your lease expiry or break and want results then please get in touch.



When considering an assignation of an existing Lease, negotiating a lease surrender, relocation, acquiring an existing business, or alternatively putting in place a suitable financial budget towards dilapidation liabilities, a Dilapidation Liability Assessment should be part of the due diligence process. 


As a Dilapidation Specialist I have considerable experience in dealing and settling dilapidation claims and am well placed to establish breaches of lease covenant, associated remedial works and cost liabilities to establish either outstanding or projected dilapidation liability. 


I can also offer tactical strategies to dealing with any outstanding dilapidation liability with cognisance to lease expiry or any potential new/extended lease.

dilapidation liability

Dilapidation Liability

An a professional Expert Witness I have experience of providing Expert Opinions, preparing evidence for litigation and court purposes and of presenting oral evidence in court. 


Dilapidations has been a specialism throughout my career and I have built an enviable reputation in this field.  


I regularly act on behalf of legal firms and in particular litigation solicitors and advocates whilst I also accept instructions from pursuers and defenders directly. 


If you are contemplating court action or have received a claim then an Expert Opinion is a necessity which I am able to provide.



Expert Witness

case studies

Case Studies
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