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As one of the most active Expert Witnesses in Scotland, I have gained an established and enviable reputation providing specialist advice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, litigation support and Expert Witness services in a wide variety of property disputes, including professional negligence, landlord and tenant, dilapidations, building contracts, defects, workmanship, water ingress, dampness, neighbour, insurance, building damage and various building pathology cases. I receive direct appointments from Advocates, Litigation Solicitors, Insurers and parties direct whilst boasting considerable experience of litigation matters including crucially presenting oral evidence and receiving cross examination in court on a number of occasions. 

The majority of my appointments relate to alleged defective works and poor workmanship relating to building and construction works across the complete spectrum of building elements and finishes. Indeed, I am also proud to lecture on this subject area on behalf of MBL Seminars to the legal profession in "Defective Building Works - An Expert’s Guide". 


I am a dual qualified Chartered Building Surveyor and Chartered Building Engineer whilst I have attained the prestigious level of Fellowship within both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Association of Building Engineers. I also hold the respected Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE) accredited by Pearson Learning - Edexcel at a level 7 (Masters level) BTEC whilst I also have the honour of sitting on the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) and hearing residential property disputes in a judicial capacity. 


If you are embroilled in a dispute or are in receipt of a claim, considering progressing with litigation or have doubts about your appointed expert and no matter whether extending to a few thousand pounds or several millions, call me for a free no obligations consultation and initial advice.

dispute services

Dispute Services


I have prepared a considerable number of Expert Opinions on dilapidation cases for litigation purposes whilst I have specialised in this practice area my entire career with extensive experience acting on behalf of both Landlord and Tenant.

builder disputes

I regularly undertake Expert Witness appointments relating to builder and contractor disputes. These range from defective work, poor workmanship, non-compliance with contract and cost disputes. I also have defended a considerable number of Contractor against unreasonable claims.

professional negligence

Perhaps the most specialised area of Expert Witness is Professional Negligence cases where the appointment of Expert Witness is of prime importance. I have been involved in claims against Home Report Surveyors, Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Building Surveyors, Architects and other Professional Consultants.

neighbourly matters

Neighbourly matters can extend to damage resultant from neighbour operations such as water damage or construction damage in addition to boundary disputes. I have experience of a range of issues and values including a number of more unusual disputes such as cattle damage.


New Build Construction



Stonework and Masonry




Windows & Fenestration




Water escape

Timber Decay


Kitchens and Bathrooms


Paint Failures

Statutory Nuisance

Professional Negligence

Fraud Investigation

And more!

Areas of Expertise


“Mr X (Pursuer’s Expert) is a man of considerable experience, but his report and indeed his evidence was relatively brief in compass and did not, in my view, reach the very detailed and persuasive analysis which was present in the report and evidence of Greig Adams. Indeed the more Mr Adams was cross examined and his report criticised, the more I became persuaded and convinced by his opinion.” 


Sheriff, Scottish Court

(Successful Court Judgement)


expert witness

Do you have a technical building dispute and about to embark on litigation or are you defending a claim? You need an Expert Witness!

litigation support

Do you want the best possible chance of success in Litigation including advice on cross examination questioning from a technical perspective?

litigation review

Does your case stack up from a technical perspective? How good is your Expert's Report and what are the weaknesses or flaws? A review now could have a significant beating on your chance of success.

expert determination

Do you have a dispute and both parties are in agreement to the appointment of someone independent to provide a binding judgement?

areas of expertise

I have a breadth of experience across dilapidations, building and property disputes, workmanship, contracts, landlord and tenant, insurance and neighbourly matters.


When contemplating pursuing a Litigation action or having been faced with defending Litigation proceedings on a technical building related or construction matter, it is essential to instruct an Expert Report from a suitably qualified specialist. 


An Expert Report is an independent report prepared for the benefit of the Court where the issues under consideration are reviewed, scrutinised and reported upon in order to provide a reasoned opinion. 


I routinely provide Expert Opinions for Advocates, Litigation Solicitors and parties direct whilst priding myself on providing comprehensive reports with attention to detail.


The courts in considering disputes are required to weigh up expert evidence including reliance on the Expert's credentials, whilst key skills and experience in cross examination is a necessity to benefit a case, areas which I excel in.



Expert Witness

I can provide a Litigation Support function to any appointed legal team, which can include a Pre-Litigation Review and scrunity of any existing Expert Opinions outlining strengths and weaknesses and advice for strengthening the case from a technical perspective.


In addition, I can provide a Second Opinion Evaluation of an existing Expert Report and also provide assistance to the appointed legal team in preparing for court including question areas and specific technical questions for cross examination, often finding areas of weakness that would typically be missed by a legal team alone. 


Litigation Support can be an important and often overlooked service, which can give an edge particularly in a highly technical dispute, such as for instance Dilapidations or in relation to building works.

litigation support

Litigation Support

Our Pre-litigation review service is aimed at those considering embarking on Litigation and also solicitors when considering progressing to court in order to advise their clients correctly on the chance of success, risks, strengths, weaknesses and most importantly improvements that can be made to the case to be presented.


Our clients find this service to be particularly beneficial to those seeking advice and reassurance before proceeding with costly litigation.  Our Pre-litigation review service typically offers an independent appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of a case, involving a desktop appraisal and, where appropriate, a site inspection. 


Equally, this service could take the form of an advocacy role in helping to plug gaps in a claim, perhaps in preparation for a supporting or advisory role in subsequent action such as mediation.

litigation review

Pre-Litigation Review

Expert Determination is an alternative dispute resolution process whereby an independent Expert in the subject matter of the dispute, is appointed by the parties to resolve the matter. The Expert’s decision is, by prior agreement of the parties, legally binding on the parties and presents typically a low cost dispute resolution option as opposed to Litigation. 


Expert Determination is particularly suited to disputes primarily dependent on technical issues such as building disputes and dilapidations. I have obtained various Joint Appointments as Expert Determinator and Single Joint Expert.

expert determination

Expert Determination
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