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Building Consultancy

Welcome to Adams Building Consultancy, a specialist multi-award winning practice excelling in providing technical property advice using innovative techniques. Our specialist expertise has led the firm to national television exposure having appeared on BBC's Watchdog Live undertaking building defect investigations whilst also being interviewed for Channel 4's Dispatches and BBC News.


We are also proud to have been awarded the following accolades:

  • 2020 Global Law Experts "Chartered Building Surveyor and Expert Witness of the Year in the UK"

  • 2020 BUILD Home Builder Award for "Building Surveyor of the Year 2020 - Scotland"

  • 2019 Scottish Enterprise Award for "Best Bespoke Building Consultancy Specialists - Edinburgh"

  • 2018 Scottish Enterprise Award for "Specialist Building Consultancy of the year - Edinburgh" and "Leading Providers of Dispute Resolution Services".

We specialise in providing tailored solutions and professional advice throughout a property lifecycle on all technical aspects of acquisition, development, funding, ownership, occupation and disposal with a focus on increasing value and reducing exposure to risks.

We are also one of the leading providers of Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness Services providing opinions across various property and building disputes, including contractual compliance, workmanship and defect disputes. 


If you want results or wish to explore what we could do for you then get in touch using the details below or electronic contact form. Don't be shy, I love to chat! 

         07986 743 252

building consultancy

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Why Me?

why me?

A recognised Property Expert.

why me?

Provide unrivalled high quality, professional services from  inception to completion and beyond

why me?

Deliver unique commercial awareness and astute problem solving capabilities at all stages, avoiding unnecessary complications

why me?

I will exceed your expectations

why me?

Approachable, and provide straightforward, simple and timely communication

I provide a full range of tailored Building Surveys, whether you are acquiring, disposing, developing, leasing or funding a single asset or property portfolio. 


Building Surveys outline the condition of the property, defects, shortcomings and remedial works recommended in order to provide you with a commercial advantage, save you money and mitigate your risks. 


I have expertise of preparing Building Surveys across the Office, Industrial, Retail, Residential, Leisure, Healthcare and Agricultural sectors.

Why take unnecessary risk on a property transaction... Get your Building Survey now. 

building surveys

Building Surveys

Dilapidations is the term given to breaches of lease covenants, usually relating to the condition of the property, either during the term of a tenancy or at lease expiry. 


I have unrivalled experience acting on behalf of Landlord, Tenant, Sub-Tenant. Assignee and Assignor providing professional advice on liabilities and associated costs whilst providing strategic advice to increase your commercial advantage whilst having provided a number of Expert Opinions for litigation purposes in this field. 


I have a particular expertise and interest in defending claims on behalf of Tenants whether on behalf of an individual through to multi-million pound company. I can boast over my career at achieving millions of pounds of savings from dilapidation claims and average savings exceeding 50% of initial claims. 


If you have received a Schedule of Dilapidations or alternatively wish to initiate a claim for dilapidations against a tenant or sub-tenant, then why not let a true expert deal with this on your behalf?

dilapidations consultancy

Dilapidations Consultancy

A Schedule of Condition is an accurate and thorough record of the condition of the property, which is utilised to set the benchmark condition of the property as at the assessment date. 


A thorough. comprehensive and well documented Schedule of Condition should be an essential part of entering into any lease agreement with repairing liabilities. Unfortunately many prospective tenants do not undertake this exercise or have it poorly prepared leaving themselves exposed to significant financial claims. Essentially, the Schedule of Condition forms a reference document to minimise future disputes and provide additional protection to our clients against dilapidation claims raised on behalf of Landlords. 


I have extensive experience of preparing and reviewing Schedules of Condition whether as part of acquiring the leasehold interest in a property and mitigating repairing liabilities, as an integral part of major redevelopment to protect against claims or alternatively when preparing Dilapidation Liability Reports. 


If you are entering into a Lease Agreement or about to embark on a major construction project then why take the risks of exposure to unreasonable and excessive financial claims, get in touch! 

schedule of condition

Schedule of Condition

I have an in-depth knowledge of building construction, adaptation, re-modelling, refurbishment and their repair and maintenance to gain a commercial advantage in any project. 


My experience coupled with a proven ability to manage a construction project whilst providing clear advice and problem solving capabilities ensure that projects are completed on-time, in accordance with specifications/contract documents and are delivered within budget. 


I am able to lead a project from inception to completion and indeed beyond, advising clients on each stage of the project on how best to achieve their project brief and objectives, advising on procurement strategies, building contracts, compliance with best practice and ensuring that my aim to exceed client's expectations are achieved. 


Whether a new build construction, refurbishment, internal fit-out, repair/maintenance project or conservation/restoration, I am ideally placed to assist no matter the size of project or complexity. 


For most clients projects represent a major investment of time, money and emotions, why don't you give me a call to see what I could do for you?

project consultancy

Project Consultancy

I have long standing experience providing Insurance Building Consultancy including provision of Reinstatement Cost Assessments/Insurance Valuations and acting on behalf of Insurers, Loss Adjusters and Property Owners in specifying and managing Insurance Damage Reinstatements. My insurance expertise extends across the office, industrial, residential, retail, leisure and agricultural sectors whilst also extending to a number of Expert Witness appointments. 


I have a proven track record working with property owners, factors, loss adjusters, insurers and solicitors to ensure that a property is valued to reflect their true reinstatement cost and also in ensuring insurance reinstatement is completed on-time, on budget, to a good standard, whilst ensuring that the affected property is returned to a condition commensurate with insurance policy provisions. 


If you have not had a professional valuation for insurance purposes stating the cost of reinstatement within the last year or if you have been unfortunate to suffer an insured loss, call me to get results and advice. 

insurance consultancy

Insurance Consultancy

Maintenance is an often neglected to buildings which has an accumulative effect and leads to increased expenditure and often disruption due to component failure. A lack of maintenance can significantly impact on the value of an investment or result in claims for more significant and costly remedial works. 


I can offer a variety of services designed to assist a Client in ascertaining the maintenance needs of their building stock and in the management of reactive repairs and planned preventative maintenance works. 


I am also able to act in Common Repairs and outstanding Statutory Notice situations having gained considerable experience acting on behalf of private clients, factors and solicitors advising on options, pros and cons, procurement strategies and in managing and signing off building works. 


If you have a maintenance requirement requiring professional advice, call me for a free no obligation consultation. 

maintenance consultancy

Maintenance Consultancy

As one of the most prominent Expert Witnesses in Scotland I provide a variety of unrivalled and highly specialised technical services relating to Dispute Resolution and Litigation and extending across a range of subject matters. 


I have gained considerable experience in producing Expert Opinions, appearing in Court providing oral evidence under cross examination, acting as Expert Determinator and also acting on behalf of parties in Arbitration. 


With particular emphasise on workmanship and builder disputes, dilapidations, defects and professional negligence I am well placed to act, having obtained a considerable number of direct instructions and referrals from Advocates, Litigation solicitors, Clients and property owners. 


If you are contemplating a property related claim or are either in dispute or facing a claim then an Expert Witness is a necessity. Call to discuss your situation for a free no obligation consultation.

dispute services

Dispute Services

I have featured in various publications including Building Engineer, Mortgage Introducer, ESPC, Journal of Building Survey and Appraisal, and local and national press such as Daily Express. 

In addition, I have had the honour of being keynote speaker for various Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor CPD events and also Royal Bank of Scotland Insight events.

If you want to keep up to date with Building Surveying and property matters including Top 10 Tips then check out our News & Blog section.

news & blog

News & Blog
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