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A Schedule of Condition is an accurate and thorough record of the condition of the property, which is utilised to set the benchmark condition of the property as at the assessment date. 


I have prepared Schedules of Condition on a range of properties whether for the purposes of appending to a lease agreement for Landlord or Tenant, appending to a legal contract or as documentary evidence of the factual condition of the property prior to major construction or significant redevelopment works. It is essential that a Schedule of Condition protects the instructing party against pre-existing defects and my specialism in dilapidations and methodical methods in supporting claims is beneficial to recording meticulously the condition of the building. 


Essentially, the Schedule of Condition forms a reference document to minimise future disputes and provide additional protection to our clients; if you are entering into a Lease Agreement or responsible for progressing major development or refurbishment works then get in touch to discuss.

schedule of condition


for landlords

Have you received a copy of the Tenant's Schedule of Condition that paints a rather pessimistic view of the property or want to ensure that your well maintained property is correctly recorded?

for tenants

About to take a lease and want to protect yourself against the cost of putting a property into perfect repair?

for developers

About to embark on a significant construction project? Worried about possible claims from neighbouring properties for purported damage resultant from the construction works?

Whilst most Schedules of Condition are prepared on behalf of the Tenant, there are some instances where the Landlord may insist that a Schedule of Condition is recorded. However, more usually the Landlord is requested to agree to a Schedule prepared on behalf of the Tenant. 


In order to establish the implications of a particular phrase or assessment of condition requires an in depth understanding of dilapidation matters. I can inspect the property and outline re-drafting required in order to ensure that the Schedule factually represents the condition of the subjects. 


I ensure that the Ladlord’s position is not unecessary weakened whilst minimising the risk of disputes at a later date.

For landlords


In our experience, the majority of prospective Tenants do not receive adequate advice at lease commencement which can often result in unexpected, unwelcome and large dilapidation financial claims. 


A Schedule of Condition is commonly prepared on behalf of the Tenant and utilised to permit the appointed solicitor to draft the lease accordingly in order to mitigate the repairing liabilities arising out of the Lease Agreement. 


A Schedule of Condition is an essential and vital part of controlling and minimising future dilapidation liabilities and our wealth of experience in dilapidation claims and negotiation provides a considerable commercial advantage to our clients.  

for tenants


Developers and/or Contractors on large developments may be contractually obliged by way of Building Contracts, Project Agreements or otherwise to arrange for preparation of professionally prepared Schedules of Condition. Alternatively, Developers/ Contractors in order to mitigate possible damage reinstatement claims may arrange for such documents to be prepared as part of controlling risks. 


Typically, properties in close proximity to a development site that may be subject to damage or the possibility of damage reinstatement claims from owners/occupiers can be inspected and associated Schedules of Condition prepared recording damage, location of cracking and such like. 


I have unparalleled experience in preparing Schedules of Condition such as in relation to extremely large multi-million pound development works across quite extensive numbers and different types of property.

For developers


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