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step 1

Select /click on relevant Category of Service on left hand list below. The selected Category will be coloured pink.

step 2

A pre-populated range of services and associated costs will then be listed. Each individual Service is split into Area 1 (within 90mins drive from Edinburgh) or Area 2 (within mainland Scotland and outwith 90 mins drive from Edinburgh.

step 3

Click on "Book It" on the relevant service to progress booking. A calendar  will then appear showing availability. Click on your required date and time.

step 4

A form will appear to be completed with relevant details to be provided for our surveyor such as contact details, address etc. Click on "Next" once completed.


step 5

The service selected, date, time and cost will then be stated and a confirmation email will be sent. A second email will follow from our surveyor directly containing our full formal quotation and Terms and Conditions requiring acceptance.

Our Services

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